Experts in the field of metallurgy.

The Remos Novo mesto company, Ltd, has been for the last 20 years your true source for complete solutions regarding  steel products on the Slovenian market. We ensure  high quality products and innovative custom solutions to our customers. We are fully aware that a rapid response and flexibility are of the key importance for our business partner´s satisfaction and trust.




Our sales programme:

Production and assembly of metal constructions

commercial facilitiesservice facilitiesproduction & storage faciltiesroof overhangs

Plasma and flame steel plates cutting

Steel plates cutting  up to:

thickness 150 mm,

width 2,5 m,

length 12 m.

     Laser cutting

Steel plates cutting up to 6 m length

Hydraulic guillotine shears steel plates cutting

cold cutting of steel plates 

up to length 6 m

      Steel plates bending

Steel plates bending up to 6m in length

        Profiles and tubes            band saw cutting 

cutting  tubes
cutting  profiles
angle cutting

       Additional services

punchingdie cuttingweld edges preparation

Your partner in developing your own product

Together we shall develop a technologically excellent final product, which will comply to all the safety and applicability requirements.

The construction engineering

With the help of engineers we can prepare the whole production project, as well as the  assembly of the construction.

Top of the line machines

Constant improvement in production processes,  as well as the machines modernisation in order to ensure the quality of all services. 

Quality and reliability

For a concrete project, a material, which will comply to all the technological specifications or maximum stress requirements, is selected.


We are located in the Livada industrial zone, and can be easily reached by any larger transportation vehicle.

Custom solutions

Technological planning enables the final product manufacture according to your own specifications.


Our warehouse are always stocked with material, which enables us to achieve the uninterrupted delivery in the shortest time frames.